Our Story

We are a national wholesaler of professional cleaning supplies. We have been supplying cleaners and janitors with professional cleaning supplies since 1972, and now provide more than 45,000 brand-leading products that ship throughout the worldwide community. Our tradition of high quality service matched with top of the line products such as janitorial supplies, cleaning equipment, maintenance products, and cleaning accessories and more still continues into our fourth decade of service. We continue to bring innovative cleaning solutions to the customer at the lowest possible cost.Name brand cleaning supplies such as Tork, GOJO, Georgia Pacific, Hoover, Baywest, Windsor, Kleenex, Tide, Proctor and Gamble, Purell, Rubbermaid, Arm and Hammer, Sanitaire, Diversey, ProTeam and more.

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We Sell Janitorial Cleaning Supplies

You have found Shopforcleaningsupplies.com, a janitor and cleaner supply store you can go to for all your cleaning supply needs. We sell all kinds of products from chemicals to large ride-on floor buffers. We also service what we sell. We are an authorized Windsor repair shop. We have over 50,000 custodial supplies in our warehouse and in some cases we can drop ship supplies directly from the manufacturer. Whether you are a small business or a commercial janitorial company we can give you the best prices on the Internet.

Shopforcleaningsupplies.com extensive inventory includes name brands such as Purell, Windsor, Diversey, Georgia Pacific, Tork, Hoover, Sanitaire, GOJO, Arm & Hammer, Swiffer, Euroclean, Rubbermaid and more. Our inventory includes brushes, wipes, changing tables, tissue dispensers, bathroom cleaning products, bathroom hand towels, snow plows, scrubbers, antibacterial soaps, sanitary wipes. Floor care products for hard wood, carpet and vinyl. Soap for dishes, laundry soap, hand soaps and much more.

No one likes cleaning bathrooms but the cleanliness of your public restrooms has a direct effect on your success. Your customers want to know that they are in the cleanest environment for them and their children. We sell everything you need to keep your washrooms clean and sanitary like enMotion hands-free towel dispensers, bathroom tissue dispensers now with hands-free air freshener built right in and toilet bowel cleaning supplies. We also carry a full line of air fresheners for all the spaces in your office or business.

Our large inventory of professional cleaning equipment will take the cleaning of your business to the next level. Equipment like Windsor vacuums and floor cleaners, heavy-duty carts, mops, gloves and all the things needed to complete your facility maintenance department.

We are a family run business so you know you will get the personal attention you need when making a purchase with us. Keeping any location clean is also dependent upon proper hand washing especially in health care or hospital environments. Shopforcleaningsupplies.com offers many different kinds of hand soaps and hand sanitizers, in addition to hand-drying towels and dispensers. We even offer a variety of touch-free hand soap and paper towel dispensers to keep your environment as hygienic as possible.

For all your cleaning supplies and facility maintenance needs Shopforcleaningsupplies.com can help find what you are looking for.